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Hello I’m Debra Oakaby, a certified Life Coach. I have more than 20 years’ HR experience, am CIPD qualified and have FCIPD status. I am also a certified NLP Practitioner. I specialise in helping people achieve their goals and transformative positive change. I am based in London and offer coaching face-to-face, over the phone and online.

Life coach
A Life Coach can help you achieve transformative positive change

Often people get stuck in a work rut. They know they want to make a change but don’t know where to start. I think we’ve all been there. Here’s the thing you can be so busy doing your day job there’s no time left to work on what you really want and it becomes a vicious circle.

What you think and how you feel about yourself influences the choices you make affecting every corner of your life.

If people knew how important this was they wouldn’t be self-sabotaging their best efforts but it happens all the time. Getting an honest assessment from someone who is sincerely interested in you and has no hidden agenda is easier said than done. That’s where I come in.

Keeping things simple and straightforward

Working as a professional Life Coach I use highest-integrity interventions and skilled questioning and also provide a unique DISC personality profiling service online. Helping people achieve their goals gives me tremendous job satisfaction. Their success is my success, especially when they share what they’ve learned with others that way I can reach more people.

Life coaching is not counselling. I still deal with peoples’ lives but on the basis they are well and want to make positive changes and are open to new ideas and possibilities. This requires professionalism, sensitivity and the ability to build good working relationships based on trust, dignity and respect.

Life Coach
A Life Coach can show you how to set goals you really want to achieve and how to prioritise them

Equipping people with tools and techniques to further their personal development and enable them to realise their full potential is what I do. My role as a Life Coach is to guide them from where they are to where they want to be.

Creating a clear path can seem like an impossible dream if you are working alone that’s why more people are turning to a Life Coach for support. These people want to get more from life and enhance their experience of it. If this resonates with you or someone you know then please get in touch.

How I can help

Free Consultation

life coach
Find out how I can help you

Let’s talk about what you have in mind either face-to-face, online or over the phone.

Life Coaching

Life coach
Get clarity, insight and a different perspective

A life coaching session typically lasts for one hour and has a structure, you decide what you want to achieve by the end of it and I manage the time available. I offer a package of 5 sessions with on going support and guidance when you need it most.

People often feel excited at their first session but we are human and have real lives after all. Motivation can tail off when we realise what we have committed ourselves to do. That’s why I use a weekly accountability system to keep clients focused and on track.

Enjoying the process is just as important as reaching the destination. Small regular steps is the best way of making significant changes.

How many people know what makes them ‘tick?’ Do you? I didn’t for a long time and made decisions that were just not right for me.

Why is this important?

  • If you don’t know your strengths how can you play to them? When we know ourselves better we are more likely perform better.
  • If you don’t know what really matters to you how can you make informed decisions? Learning who we actually are helps us focus on what we can do for better outcomes.
  • If you don’t know how you are undermining yourself how can you convince others you are the right person for the job? We can easily self-sabotage our best efforts without even realising it.

DISC Online Personality Profile

Life coach
Unlock the people puzzle

Successful people take their self-development seriously. It is an integral part of their long-term plan and pursuit of excellence. DISC is a highly effective tool for identifying our strengths and areas of weakness, with suggestions for making self-improvements. It is an essential part of my Life Coach Toolkit and can be yours too.

The Result?

Life coaching increases self-confidence and helps people develop personal leadership skills fit for any environmental setting. Being in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions is powerful because you discover choices you didn’t know you had.

Life coach
Achieving your goals is a wonderful feeling

Life coaching is energising and refreshing. You will feel motivated to take action you might have once put off doing and eager to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

Once you start getting results you naturally want to move further and further away from your comfort zone and your self-belief grows exponentially.

Why choose me?

I combine highest-integrity mind-changing interventions with professional coaching. With more than 20 years’ HR experience working in London supporting the front-line, and helping a former employer achieve three Investors in People awards I put my knowledge into practice.

Added to this is a wealth of personal life experience with ups and downs and twists and turns. Although we cannot change what has happened to us in the past, we can change how we f eel about it now, so it no longer holds us back from going forward.

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Give me a call on 07906 007613 and let’s talk.  Alternatively you can use the contact form here.

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