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Life Coaching

Offering Life Coaching in London and over the phone. Get clear-headed and a structure for looking within yourself and feel empowered to make changes.

Modern life can be overwhelming and fast-paced and high pressure is par for the course. That’s where I come in. I’m Debra Oakaby an independent Life Coach specialising in bespoke resilience building strategies and personal development planning. I work with people who are serious about making positive changes.

I create resilience building strategies to meet your needs because you are unique. I help you understand what you need to feel motivated and fulfilled. I give you a plan for managing your personal development in a clear and organised way.

The result? More self-confidence and choices about how you wish to live your life.

How I can help you

Resilience Building Strategies

If you’ve experienced life events that have left you feeling deflated and taken time to recover from or you’re currently working through a difficulty, then now is the time to equip yourself with powerful resilience building strategies designed just for you.

Personal Development Plans

If you’ve been distracted, felt demotivated or unfulfilled then you need a personal development plan to keep focused and on track and alert to potential opportunities at work or in your business.

Life Coaching

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas and that’s where my life coaching can help. Whether you’re employed, freelance, taking some time out, starting or running a business I offer hourly coaching sessions and half day rates to provide expert coaching and guidance.

I use highest-integrity mind-changing interventions, expert questions and more than 20 years of HR experience working in London supporting people going through life-changing events. Furthermore I have worked with a number of people as a trained and accredited Life Coach.

Your Next Step

Give me a call on 07906 007613 and book your free no obligation consultation.  Alternatively you can use the contact form here.

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