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Hello I’m Debra Oakaby, Life Coach. I specialise in helping professionals get more life satisfaction in London, over the phone and online. I do this because I have an affinity with professionals and know what it’s like to focus on my professional development without reviewing my personal development first. This mistake cost me dear in terms of my life satisfaction, that’s why I want to share what I have learned with those who need it most.

Did you know we spend about two thirds of our lives at work?

No wonder our personal goals and ambitions fall by the wayside. Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in a day to consider what we really want from life. One of my clients said she felt she didn’t have enough ‘head space’ left at the end of a day to start working on her goals. I get that. Real life happens for sure.

However if you keep doing the same things without changing something you can’t expect a different outcome can you? If you did, you could be wasting your time because it’s unlikely to happen.

Debra Oakaby
Getting off the hamster wheel might sound easy but it’s a challenge without support from someone who’s on your side and supports you 100 per cent.

Here’s the thing, how satisfied you are about your life depends on YOU and the choices you make. That’s where I come in. Family and friends are great at championing our causes and being protective towards us but will this approach help you to view your life objectively, set goals YOU want to achieve or create a plan for navigating obstacles?

Life coaching offers an effective way of helping people take control of their lives and the choices they make. My style of life coaching is proactive and goal orientated and focuses on areas that support people to thrive and flourish.

When we are in a position to go beyond our survival needs we can begin to think about our personal development, what we need to develop well and how to realise our full potential. The word ‘potential’ still gives me goose bumps because it’s full of promise and unfathomable.

Life Coach
My role as a Life Coach is to guide people from where they are to where they want to be.

How I can help

Free Consultation

life coach
Find out how I can help you. Simply talking to someone who doesn’t know you about your dreams and aspirations makes them seem achievable.

Let’s talk about what you have in mind either face-to-face, online or over the phone. We both need to see how we could work with each other. If I think someone else could serve your needs better I will suggest this.

What to expect

A life coaching session typically lasts for one hour. You decide what you want to achieve by the end of it and I will manage the time available. I use a variety of self-assessment exercises to help you raise your self-awareness, with ongoing support and weekly accountability via email. I work in blocks of 5 sessions to give you time to start seeing results.

Life Coaching
When you are authentic and self-accepting you perform at your best. Think about a time when this happened to you and reconnect with how you felt, what you noticed about yourself and what you heard yourself saying. What if you could re-create this feeling?

How many people know what makes them ‘tick?’ I didn’t for a long time. I made decisions that were just not right for me and my life was imbalanced.

life coaching
Discovering more about why you are truly unique is like a mega light bulb moment.

Why is this important?

  • If you don’t know your strengths how can you play to them? When we know ourselves better we are more likely perform better.
  • If you don’t know what really matters to you how can you make better decisions? Learning who we actually are, helps us focus on what we can do to improve.
  • If you don’t know your blind spots how can you persuade others you are the right person for the job? We can easily self-sabotage our best efforts without even realising it.

DISC Online Personality Profile

Life coach
Unlock the people puzzle and develop stronger relationships with others.

Successful people take their self-development seriously. It is an integral part of their long-term plan and pursuit of excellence. DISC is a highly effective tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses with a comprehensive report you can read and re-read at your leisure. It is an essential part of my Life Coach Toolkit and can be yours too.

The Result?

Life coaching increases self-confidence and helps people develop personal leadership skills that are fit for any environmental setting. Being in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions is incredibly powerful.

Life coaching is also valuable for developing a wide range of skills, for example better communication. It is also an integral part of achieving your goals and enhancing personal development.

Life coach
Achieving your goals is a wonderful feeling and should be acknowledged.

Life coaching is energising and refreshing. You will feel motivated to take action you might have once put off doing and eager to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

Once you start getting results you naturally want to move further and further away from your comfort zone and your self-belief grows exponentially.

Why choose me?

I combine highest-integrity interventions with professional coaching and more than 20 years’ HR experience working in London, helping achieve 3 Investors in People awards.

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Give me a call on 07906 007613 and let’s talk.  Alternatively you can use the contact form here.

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