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Hello I’m Debra Oakaby. I’m very pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting this page.

I have more than 20 years’ HR experience, am CIPD qualified and have FCIPD status. I am also a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and certified in DISC personality profiling. I specialise in helping professionals get more life satisfaction in London, over the phone and online.

Life Coach Debra Oakaby


I do this because I am a professional too. I know what it’s like to spend the majority of your time at work. It’s all too easy to lose sight of your personal goals and ambitions and this is regrettable. My focus used to be largely on my professional rather than personal development.

Workaholic is what I was, and something to do with the work ethic I grew up with. You may know what it’s like being the first one in the office and the last one to leave. I kept de-prioritising my own needs and soon lost sight of my personal goals and ambitions.

What happened?

Then my health started to deteriorate. Looking back I think I was heading for ‘burn out.’ It took a while to carve out a new career and even longer to give myself permission that it was okay to lead a different lifestyle where I was not constantly thinking about work. Working in an environment predicated on fear was just not me.

I discovered there were many people in a similar situation, at a crossroads, considering a career change and even starting a business. I began to wonder why personal development was somehow assumed to happen naturally, when I knew differently. Yes personality traits have a bearing, yet feeling confident or exercising empathy are skills we can learn if you have a growth mindset.


My journey began when I had life coaching myself. Learning that my identity was much more than my career was a significant revelation and a steep learning curve. I felt inspired to try out a coaching weekender, which had such an impact on me that I decided to study a life coaching course with The Coaching Academy. I realise now that I was drawn to positive thinking, something I had been lacking in my own life.


Through my studies I have learned that everything starts in the mind. When you shift your mindset you can achieve the things you want to do. Your thoughts influence your feelings which influence your actions. If you change your thoughts you can change the results you get. I have experienced my own positive psychology project and know what makes me tick. I want others to discover this for themselves.

The human spirit is indomitable and a person’s potential is unlimited. When you add the innate desire of human beings to want to learn new things you have this phenomenal power in your grasp. The secret is knowing how to activate it. That’s where I come in.

I work with professionals who want to take control of their life choices and make their life better now.

Give me a call on 07906 007613 and let’s discuss how I can help.  Alternatively, use the contact form here.

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