DISC is a well established psychometric personality tool and provides an invaluable personal insight when your building your career or business.

“When I am recruiting for my companies, or working as a business or leadership coach, I use a personality profiling technique (a psychometric test) called DISC to gain an understanding of my employees, clients and work colleagues.  The DISC tool that I prefer to use only takes seven minutes to complete but has a 95 per cent accuracy rating”

Bev James,  the ‘Millionaires’ Mentor’ in Do It or Ditch It.

Tell me more about DISC

If you know what your strengths and areas for development are, you can take action.  I like using DISC because it’s reliable and will highlight your main personality style.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Discover your blind spots.  These are behaviours which could be letting you down, unknowingly. And find out how you could handle pressure more effectively.

Your personal development will determine whether you succeed or fail in life.  However many people just accept the way other people are, without considering what they could do differently to get a better outcome.  Successful people invest in their self-development.

DISC for your career or business

This is where DISC comes in.   A POWERFUL Tool that’ll change everything for you.  Suddenly, things will begin to make sense and you will start seeing familiar people with fresh eyes.  You’ll be able to identify their personality style too and get some useful tips for bringing the best out in them.

In this digital age and increasing automation of tasks, human interaction still matters.  Imagine, you knew what makes you and other people ‘tick.’ Never again will you approach people in a way that turns them off.  You will discover that although people are different, they are predictably different.

What you can expect with DISC 

Make DISC part of your personal development. It’s easy to do online and generates accurate results quickly.

You will get a comprehensive report delivered to your in box within a matter of hours.  Unlike other online assessments, if you have any questions you can email me free of charge.

“I chose to have a DISC assessment to help in client communications. What I got was a set of valuable and possibly transformative insights with much broader relevance. Whatever your work and whatever stage you’re at in your business or career, this is a good investment.” LT, London

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