Here are some of my testimonials, which cover training, giving DISC personality profiling feedback and 1-1 coaching and mentoring.  You can find out how you can work with me here.

I ran a one day workshop for East London Business Place in May 2017 with a colleague.

“Debra combines logic with creativity in her use of visual materials and each participant had their own workbook to record their learning and take away with them.  

She makes things easier for people to understand with an interactive style and plenty of questions and answers.  

Feedback was very good and clearly the workshop was well-structured and engaging.  Of particular interest was the use of personal development plans for staff employed by SMEs, which seemed to be new to them. 

I commend Debra Oakaby for her professionalism and willingness to share her knowledge and expertise with others in a friendly and non-judgemental way.   

She is a strong advocate for coaching in the workplace and walks her talk.” Glen Addis, Director of East London Business Place

Previously, I ran a half-day confidence building workshop for people preparing to return to work following mental illness, for the NHS in East London.

“Thank you for all your hard work in  producing a great workshop for our clients on Thursday. I found it very interactive and thought provoking and by the feedback as the clients left it was very useful for them and their personal journeys back to work.  I specifically enjoyed the part around finding a picture and talking about and clarifying what had just been said. Personally I felt this was good in developing my listening skills.”  Susan Gibbs NHS

DISC is a popular psychometric tool to determine your predominant personality style.  Here are some testimonials of clients who have used it.  In the interests of confidentiality these are published anonymously.

I consulted Debra for a DISC profile after she was recommended to me. She was very personable and easy to understand, providing a detailed telephone debrief. This helped me to gain the most from my results. It has provided me with the tools to become a more effective communicator in all aspects of life. It has given me some direction on how to improve my communication with some of the more challenging characters I have met, and taught me to understand that the different communication styles these people may prefer, explaining why I have found them more of a challenge to work with. I have taken this information on board and am more aware when communicating in business and socially to consider my choice of words according to the individual I am talking to achieve the outcome I require, keep the person engaged and potentially sale my own service.

The information that has been provided in the report is very detailed and I can see very much reflects me and my behaviour style. It has also highlighted how working with others who have different styles I would not automatically be drawn too, could in fact, hugely benefit me and my business, as we all possess different attributes. I am looking forward to using this information to make some positive changes in both my professional and social life.”  K H, London

“I chose to have a DISC assessment to help in client communications. What I got was a set of valuable and possibly transformative insights with much broader relevance. Whatever your work and whatever stage you’re at in your business or career, this is a good investment.”  L T, London

Due to the confidential nature of 1-1 coaching, the testimonials below are published anonymously. 

“Having never received coaching of this kind before, I confess I was a little sceptical of what could be accomplished. I’d got so far in my business but found myself stuck. It was this frustration that made me take the plunge and get some professional help to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back.  I was fortunate to know Debra through networking. I saw her insightfulness and genuine desire to help others achieve their goals and knew she was someone I could trust. Very quickly I realised what a good decision that was. Working with Debra has shown me how to use my knowledge and self-awareness to deal with situations. She has opened my eyes to skills, resources and possibilities already within my reach and her support materials have helped me stay focused on goals between sessions.  Exposing myself to Debra’s advanced thinking and strategies has given me the clarity to make the key decisions needed to move forward with confidence. I have come to regard Debra as a valued friend as well as business advisor.”  M T, London

“Debra helped me through the early stages of my business when I despaired of ever getting going or getting any paid clients at all! I really appreciated being able to talk over my ideas and plans with someone outside the situation and her wise questioning helped me understand and tackle some of my own hang-ups. She helped me channel my enthusiasm into action and gave constant support and encouragement.  She provided written notes of our sessions which were really useful and having someone to report back to on progress provided valuable accountability for me and got me out of my procrastination! I now have a group of paying clients and feel like I’m finally on my way, so thank you Debra for all your constant encouragement and positive input.”  B M, London

“Debra has shown me how to make progress in my chosen field. With Debra, I have managed to identify more clearly what it is I wanted to do and plan how to do it. Sometimes it is difficult to actually follow through with your plans, but Debra has shown me how to negotiate problems and deal with the things that are holding me back. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties ahead, the methods that Debra has given me have helped me to approach things with a more positive frame of mind: I feel that barriers to progress are no longer impenetrable but only challenges to be navigated. By slightly adjusting the way that I am managing my current situation, I find myself actually following the path that I wanted to take and new opportunities are coming my way”.  AB, London

“Shortly before my last session with Debra, I did something I’ve never done before – I identified an opportunity at work and I negotiated my way into it. Without the sessions with Debra, I would never have had the confidence, or the clear vision of what I wanted, to do such a thing.” RG, London

“Working in a support role, I spend a lot of time helping others and finding more effective ways for my clients to achieve their goals, and it is easy to forget my own. Working with Debra helped me turn this around so that I can focus on myself and the goals I need to set in order to move my business forward. I now have an action plan with specific goals, and have learnt some simple techniques to banish negative beliefs and create positivity in the actions I take”.   JL, Herts

“I contacted Debra Oakaby after having been bullied at work. I was at a point in my life where I did not know which way to turn and nothing was working. I found Debra extremely easy to talk to and understanding. She clarified that she was a life coach and not a counsellor. This made it easier for me to understand how she could help me. I began to question what I wanted and how to achieve it. She also showed me how to address my own personal issues which were coming in the way of what I wanted. This enabled me to get clarity as well as being able to understand myself better. I walked out of every session with a smile on my face  As well as being  happier and more confident with every meeting.” RD, London

One of the techniques we used was to imagine myself in the future being in that role – What this would feel like, what do I imagine myself doing etc. This emotion I felt was quite strong in a positive way (I was surprised) to want to make a change’.  BW, London

Thank you for all the support that you have given me in 2013/14, I really have come on in leaps and bounds in the past 2 years in terms of my confidence with your support. I now mentor a teenage girl as part of a mentoring scheme for a charity that recognises the need for confidence and social networking among young women in reaching their career goals.” LS, London

Debra “has helped me a lot in focusing my actions and moving past my blocks. I highly recommend her. She is very professional and take the time to understand you.” EB, London

“The coaching sessions have helped me break down my goals into smaller, manageable steps. Thanks to Debra, I’ve been able to write my first ever e-book! Thank you again for all your help and support’.   MJ, London

“We concentrated on work as I wanted to gain more control over my future career direction; matching my goals with my strengths and values gave me a clearer view of whether what I was considering was realistic and likely to succeed”. SG, London

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