What is NLP?

NLP stands for ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is often referred to as the “instrument manual for your mind.” The way we think and process our thoughts, the language patterns we use and our behaviours interact with each other, has an effect on individuals and their potential for personal change.

My approach is ethical, professional and educational. I am a member of the Association for NLP Professionals. And I adhere to their Code of Ethics, which you can view here.

NLP is a globally recognised power tool for rapid change and the achievement of excellence. It is widely used in the world of elite sport and in the ares of personal and professional development.

Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development.

Jim Rohn

Many people disregard their personal needs in order to do more at work yet this often has the opposite effect of holding them back professionally. The most effective professionals are individuals who make their personal development a primary concern and see it as essential to their professional excellence. You’ve no doubt seen this for yourself where you work.

The strategies, tools and techniques of NLP represent an opportunity unlike any other for the exploration of human functioning, or more precisely, that rare and valuable subset of human functioning known as genius.

John Grinder Co-founder of NLP

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