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You can work with me in several ways.

I specialise in showing people how to access their own resourcefulness and to use effective resilience building strategies that are right for them. Does this resonate with you or someone you know?

My approach is ethical, professional and educational.

A free consultation – let me know what you want to achieve and how I can help.

A two-hour personal breakthrough session – get clear on what is holding you back and learn how to overcome obstacles.

DISC online personality assessment – find out your predominant personality style and raise your self-awareness with a personalised report delivered swiftly to your inbox.

Bespoke coaching programme for dealing with change either planned or unexpected. Discover your unique inner strengths, learn and practice resilience building strategies tailored to meet your needs, develop your self-belief and confidence and create a dynamic plan to propel you forwards. Your programme is delivered through 1-1 coaching and tuition, guided meditations, email support and weekly accountability email exchange, handout notes and a reflective exercise. Your programme can be delivered in person or via Skype or Whatsapp or a combination. You choose what suits you best and when, and how much time you need to complete it.

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If you want to find out more about then give me a call on 07906 007613 and book your free no obligation consultation or fill in the contact form here.

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